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Patrick "Paddy" O'Connor


Paddy is a Lecturer (Education) in the School of Psychology at Queen’s University Belfast. He is of mixed Zambian and Irish descent, and the first in his family to get an undergraduate degree, which he completed as a mature student. His PhD research focused on the role of numerical and non-numerical ordering skills in early mathematical development. His is interested in statistics anxiety and statistical pedagogy.

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talia esnard


Talia is a Sociologist and Senior Lecturer at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine campus, Trinidad and Tobago. She is the coordinator for a mandatory level I Introductory Statistics for Behavioural Sciences at that campus. She also teaches and integrates the use of both qualitative and quantitative methods. Her researchers centers on women’s work and organizational experiences, particularly within entrepreneurial and educational spaces. 

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EDI Team

Udi is a Ph.D. student in Quantitative Psychology at York University in Toronto, Canada. His research focuses on developing and assessing statistical methods through Monte Carlo simulations, with a particular interest in equivalence testing, multilevel modelling, and Bayesian statistics. Udi is passionate about statistics education, research practices, and creating new, accessible teaching and software tools. But, most importantly, Udi is a punk rocker at heart (also, ska!), he LOVES coffee, and any board-related sport.  

Torsa holds an MA in Clinical Psychology from India and aspires to pursue a PhD in Developmental/ Clinical Psychology. She is presently a post-bacc research assistant working closely on topics surrounding child developmental trajectories and child and adolescent psychopathology. Her research interests are at the intersection of adverse experiences and their long-term functioning into adulthood, social adjustment, and emotion regulation. Her clinical experience with children at correctional centres and rehabilitation homes strengthens her efforts towards designing scalable psychological interventions for minoritized youth.

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