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Andrew Adrian Pua is an econometrician working on panel data related issues. He has been involved in teaching and research in The Philippines, The Netherlands, Germany, and, most recently in China as an assistant professor of quantitative economics.

He has developed open educational resources and has written a couple of papers meant to easily get students up to speed so that they can engage with more difficult topics in econometrics.

Two personal tidbits: (1) He usually cooks dishes he has never tasted before. (2) If he were to be reborn as a vegetable, he would choose to be a radish.

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Udi is a Ph.D. student in Quantitative Psychology at York University in Toronto, Canada. His research focuses on developing and assessing statistical methods through Monte Carlo simulations, with a particular interest in equivalence testing, multilevel modelling, and Bayesian statistics. Udi is passionate about statistics education, research practices, and creating new, accessible teaching and software tools. But, most importantly, Udi is a punk rocker at heart (also, ska!), he LOVES coffee, and any board-related sport.  

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Mag is currently an undergraduate student in Psychology (with Human Rights) at the University of Sussex. She is a mature student who has spent the past four years as a Programme Development Associate at Care Community Services Society, a social service charity in Singapore (where she’s from). From evaluating interventions, understanding the needs of vulnerable communities and working alongside social workers and counsellors, she has seen first-hand and explored the role of statistics and research methods in the broadening gap between evidence and practice. Some of her past projects include implementing psychological scales for senior daycare and prison casework programmes, as well as hosting “Data Parties” to keep social workers up-to-date with relevant research. Thus, Mag is interested in statistics education and anxiety due to its important and foundational role in creating and maximising social impact.

She can also be found fixating on any one of her gazillion crafty hobbies, or last seen in public at a concert/gig.

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Torsa holds an MA in Clinical Psychology from India and aspires to pursue a PhD in Developmental/ Clinical Psychology. She is presently a post-bacc research assistant working closely on topics surrounding child developmental trajectories and child and adolescent psychopathology. Her research interests are at the intersection of adverse experiences and their long-term functioning into adulthood, social adjustment, and emotion regulation. Her clinical experience with children at correctional centres and rehabilitation homes strengthens her efforts towards designing scalable psychological interventions for minoritized youth.

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Dariyem Naandi Kruslat

Sue is currently a PhD student of Psychology at Kingston University London, supervised by Professor Frédéric Vallée-Tourangeau. Her research investigates the effects of presentation format and numerical ability on risk perception. She also teaches research methods at Kingston, and is an advocate of open science practices. She also has a BSc in Computer Science and a PGCE in Mathematics. Prior to embarking on a Psychology MSc and PhD at Kingston, she was a secondary school mathematics teacher, and still tutors maths part-time, hence her interest in mathematics and statistics cognition and education.

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B.Sc., M.Sc. (Statistics), Ph.D. Student at Nasarawa State University, Keffi, Nigeria

Research Fellow, National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies, Kuru, Nigeria

Member, Professional Statisticians Society of Nigeria (PSSNG)





Letetia holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics and an M.Phil. in Statistics from the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus (UWI-STA). Currently, she is a Project Officer, providing Statistical Consulting on institutional data and has over a decade of experience lecturing Mathematics, Probability, and Statistics at the tertiary level. She previously coordinated the Mathematics Help Centre, assisting students with difficulties in quantitative courses and regularly engages in research and outreach. 

Letetia is a part of a Social Statistics Research Cluster at the Department of Behavioral Sciences, exploring research on Statistics Anxiety in students. She also lectures various courses including a Graduate Course in Advanced Statistics in Psychology and conducts workshops on statistical software using IBM SPSS and R. Her research interests encompass data-driven models for Higher Education, multidisciplinary applications of mathematical and statistical models for sustainability, and Statistics Education pedagogy. 

Letetia is also affiliated with the Royal Statistical Society (RSS) and the American Statistical Association (ASA). As the first Women in Data Science (WiDS) Trinidad and Tobago Ambassador, she is closely involved in WiDS Worldwide through Stanford University, which highlights exceptional women in Data Science. Letetia is passionate about teaching, mentoring, and outreach and is dedicated to emphasising the importance of Mathematics and Statistics across various fields.

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Jessica Jaynes is an Associate Professor of Statistics in the Department of Mathematics at California State University, Fullerton. As a first-generation college graduate, she holds a Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of California, Los Angeles. Her research focuses on statistical methods and applications, experimental design, and survey design. She is PI of a Pathways Development grant from the California Learning Lab Grand Challenge: Building Critical Mass for Data Science and she is co-PI on a collaborative National Science Foundation Data Science Corps grant.

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I am a second-year student studying BSc psychology. I aspire to be involved in research as a career. I am very passionate about research especially R studio coding, influencing me to become a student mentor to understand the challenges students face. Due to the fact I am currently in my 2nd year of my degree, I would love to explore the social media aspect of statistics education and how we can improve it to make it more accessible and engaging to all as social media is a crucial part of our society today.  

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Immad A. Shah, holds a Ph.D. in Statistics and is a recipient of the University Gold Medal. Immad currently serves as a Scientist (Biostatistics) within the Indian Council of Medical Research, an apex body for the formulation, coordination and promotion of biomedical research in India. Prior to this, he held the position of Lecturer at the Division of Agricultural Statistics at the Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Kashmir. Immad has consistently excelled in his academic journey, earning prestigious university merit fellowships for both his M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs.

His prolific academic career includes the publication of over 30 research papers in esteemed national and international journals, as well as the authorship of three statistical manuals and a significant book tailored for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Furthermore, he has actively engaged in various national and international conferences, delivering invited lectures on statistical concepts across various platforms, and has received numerous accolades and awards from both academia and national institutions. His commitment to his field is further evident in his membership in multiple professional societies. His research interests include biostatistics, applied statistics, statistical modelling, multivariate analysis, machine learning.

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