Our Pledge to You

The main goal of the RoSE Network is to provide everyone a space to share their opinions and ideas on topics within statistics education. We pledge to make this a community that is free from the risk of harassment, bullying, victimisation, and exclusion based on personal characteristics, protected characteristics, or otherwise.

In addition to the guidelines listed below, we as network leaders endeavour to uphold the Network’s values:

Welcoming all members equally, and allowing everyone the same opportunities to discuss topics and present research, regardless of personal or protected characteristics, identities, and backgrounds.

We believe that everyone should be able to participate in RoSE activities and we will actively and consciously strive to ensure that happens. We don’t just want to leave the door open. We want to find you wherever you are and walk through the door together. We welcome feedback on how we can best do that for you.

We advocate for the openness and transparency of all RoSE operations. We strive to adhere to open science practices wherever appropriate and practical. When relevant to the Network membership, we will also be open about leadership discussions and decisions, including any formal investigations that have taken place.

We will treat our members with compassion and respect and expect our members to do the same. We will investigate any reports of unacceptable behaviour submitted by Network members.

The integrity of the Network will be upheld by adhering to our core values, through our words and actions at virtual and physical network events and online spaces, and by listening and actioning the comments and suggestions of Network members. 

Community Guidelines

The RoSE Community Spirit

As a community, we expect RoSE Network members to maintain a high standard of personal and professional conduct during both online and in-person events. In order to maintain these high standards, we recommend that network members adhere to the following behaviours:

The above guidelines are applicable in all spaces used by the RoSE Network, both virtual and physical. These guidelines are also relevant for those members who are representing the Network. This can include using an email address affiliated with RoSE, distributing content via official social media accounts, and acting as a representative or promoting the network at online or offline events.

Unacceptable Behaviours

The RoSE community expects its members to adhere to the above guidelines at all times. In summary, we expect all members to treat each other with fairness, kindness, and respect. Behaviours that the network deems to be unacceptable include, but are not limited to:

Any evidence or reports of these behaviours will be subject to a full investigation (outlined below) by the leadership team. Please note, a behaviour does not have to be explicitly included on this list in order for another member to raise a concern with the committee, nor for the committee to take action on such matters. For a list of exemplar personal and protected characteristics included within these unacceptable behaviours, please see the network’s ‘Diversity Statement’ below.

Diversity Statement

The RoSE Network strives to provide an environment that is inclusive of all of its members. We accept ideas and contributions from all network members, and strive to make the network as inclusive and accessible as possible. We embrace the diversity of all our network members; this is across several characteristics, such as, but not limited to:

Guidance for Reporting Misconduct

How to Report Misconduct

The report form contains an option for you to provide an email address so we can follow-up the report with you. However, please note that this is not compulsory, and you may submit a report anonymously using this form if you wish. 

How we Respond to Misconduct Reports

Outcomes from a Report of Misconduct

The leadership team are responsible for investigations of misconduct, and will take appropriate and proportionate action to any reports of actions they judge to be unacceptable, intimidating, offensive, or threatening to others. Consequences of misconduct within the RoSE Network may include:

If the perpetrator in any particular incident cannot be identified, the leadership team will state publicly to the RoSE Network what would have been done if it were possible. Additionally, if the leadership team feel that the outcome of an investigation may be relevant to the Network as a whole, we will state publicly the results of that investigation. In both instances, all identifying information of individuals involved would be anonymised. 

In some cases, the leadership team may decide to not take action on a misconduct report. If this is the case, all parties involved will be made aware of this decision along with a clear justification for the decision.

Attributions and Acknowledgements

This code of conduct was developed and adapted using the following sources:

Code of Conduct authored by Megan Barnard

Last updated: 27-Oct-2022